Staff at INDO Optical, SLU. agree and strive to:

  • Ensure the FULL SATISFACTION OF OUR CUSTOMERS by adapting to their needs and requirements.
  • MEET ALL LEGAL REQUIREMENTS, as well as those set by our customers, including those established in our Integrated Management System.
  • Streamline service provision activity to ensure the SUSTAINABILITY AND FUTURE of the Company.
  • CONTINUOUSLY IMPROVE the quality of our products, processes and services.
  • ENCOURAGE the personal development of our employees at a technical, professional and human level.

To this end, INDO Optical, SLU., will guide its management in order to:

  1. Foster commitment to initiatives to improve the view and image of the company among its customers.
  2. Optimise processes, products and services to fulfil the expectations and needs of customers.
  3. Introduce criteria conducive to the continuous improvement of our supplier relationships.
  4. Provide enough resources necessary to strictly fulfil the commitments made.
  5. Bear in mind that the quality of the product and service provided is one of the foundations of our company's future.
  6. Create an adequate work environment for all employees that fosters commitment to Quality, Teamwork, Mutual Trust and Respect, in turn securing the involvement of every employee in this Policy.
  7. Identify and log deviations from the Quality Management System, analysing their causes in order to rectify the fault and prevent it from occurring, following procedures to implement corrective and improvement actions.
  8. Implement Continuous Improvements to its processes, products, services and the training of its employees.

The MANAGEMENT of INDO Optical, S.L.U. considers this QUALITY POLICY as an integral part of the business, making every effort to guarantee its dissemination, understanding and compliance.